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Facebook comments about Chabot College

So I can't help but notice some of the comments by people on the thread telling people to stop bitching when protecting their rights. If people feel the need to express themselves about their rights being violated, how exactly is that wrong? I want to clear up some things.

1) When Josh was escorted of campus by security he missed classes as a result. He was threatened with arrest which made him be under a temporary albeit not official suspension. Not to mention there is video of the security guards telling him he is suspended so for everyone who feels as if their an expert on that, go ahead and explain it away because you're still well adjusted to the injustice happening. That's fine, but know that it's falling on deaf ears now. Thank you.

2) Occupy Oakland was there as a result. Period. Now while I don't always agree with everyone's preferred way of protest, I still can be open minded enough to see the point there. I think it's ridiculous that people would ignore someone who has taken to yelling in a quad. How do you ignore what's being said if its that important to someone? Have people become that heartless where you have to comply to a certain way of complaining about a relevant issue so that people will care? I'm sure if a police officer went to their home and told them to not leave any more stupid ass comments on Facebook or twitter or else they would be subject to arrest all of a sudden the situation would be different. Nobody mentioned the fact that we had met another student who this had happened to because she was passing out flyers about sickle cell. She was really passionate about it because her daughter suffers from it. The response was to escort her off campus and to make her miss classes because of a temporary and forced suspension. Nobody wants to admit that it is a problem.

3) Since when does policy run your life? The last time I checked we have a democracy where the people have a say. This if a policy is corrupt and/or abusive you have the right (supposedly) to do something about it. Especially in California! How is it that protesting an outdated and abusive policy is wrong? Why is it not patriotic to stand up and be ready to fit for what's right?

4) Everyone needs to step back and take a breath. If someone keeps agitating me, I won't care what you're saying. Most Occupy nay Sayers understand this concept only as if applies to them. They don't understand that if they agitate an Occupier that the Occupier will probably think the same way. I frankly don't appreciate some of the things that are being said, and I am much more agreeable when not being agitated by people who want me to understand their perspective.

Here are some of the comments that have spurred this. They can feel free to comment on this blog as well..

Belal Assef: listen i dont knw wat u guys are complaining about i would have done the same thing if i was keith.WHy? Moore told the kid that he had to go to student life and get those papers stamed thats all but the kid didnt listen.. He deserved to get suspened.. In this case there is nothing to occupy or even complain=)

Belal Assef: but your not getting the point in this case.. It doesnt matter how u feel about moore he did his part.. Officer moore told him that he had to go to Student life and get the flyers stamped the guy that didnt listen to him deciced to just walk away.. He didnt follow CC rules so thats why he got suspened and on top of that arrested.. There is nothing to bitching and etc.. If the guy that got suspedned would have gone to OSL everything would have been Ok.. Its his fault the way i see it..

Joshua Scott Hewitt: Belal you can let the system keep fuckin you over and over but not me and especially if it's MY school I PAY to go to and it's PUBLIC , so maybe your not seeing the picture. I've been in school for 16 years and never have I once been suspended and who the fuck knew you could get suspended in college ? Cause I sure didn't I didn't know passing out papers of a FREE COMMUNITY event was something to get me suspended and risk arrest. I wasn't gonna say anything for how ignorant you sound but I had to

Andrew Michael Quirk: So yeah man, I'm not taking sides here, I think that information should be able to be distributed freely. I beleive in diversity of tactics. I mean it seemed like at the rally their was lacking a dialouge. Responsibility for this lies upon the student body but it also lies upon those who start the conversation. If the message sent is music blaring "fuck you". And incendiary speech that is accusatory then it automatically puts people on the defensive. They won't want to participate. Now understand also that the officers, that occupy rallies against, are there serving under the oversight of a unjust system, where the majority are grossly misunderepresented. We can all agree to this.There are ways to address this, some more effective than others. The key question is what methodology do we employ ? I say we walk in the steps of Martin Luther King or Ghandi. The tactics used today only gain us, less credibility and more illegitimacy in the eyes of the public and our student body. We have seen for too long the effects of a aggressive, misguided, impotent government, do we want to mirror that in this movement. Because this IS NOT WORKING. Time to get past the stage of anger, stop being victims and take some action steps. seriously.
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Belal Assef: OK u make a good point Andrew but do u really think that chabot college students give a crap about oakland occupy? or even wat was happening today.. noooooooooooooooooo They dont give a crap.. Im just saying bro its just a waist of time and energy casue nothing well get done..Everything well be the same..

Andrew Michael Quirk: You know, I mean don't get me twisted. I am for free speech and think people have the right to say whatever they want to say, however they want to say it, as long as it is not impeding on the rights of others. It's just I look at it. And it dosen't sit right with me. Im sick of hearing complaining, and being a victim, why not move towards sustainability,responsibility and taking action. Work within the confines of reality and make it happen. Yelling at a wall isn't going to bring it down. Of course it may rally those of us inclined to action, to tear it down, but it is only the first step.

Ryan Belden: ‎Jessica Hollie the issue needs to be understood for what it is. It isn't a matter of having to registar with an ID. it is a matter that policies were violated, and the necassary action was taken. There is a reason the majority of students don't honestly care about this. The only ones that care are the ones that want to cause trouble because for some reason it is seen as the only way to change things when history tells us otherwise. Remember to be the change you want to see you have to be that change, and if you want an anarchical world, with no laws, no rules, and a lawless nation where crimes is rampet and no one is ever punished for wrong doings, then Occupy should continue the course they are on. However, if they truley want a just world where things are equal and everyone gets a fair share the world they claim they want exisits, then the direction of Occupy in general needs to change. Yesterday was sad and pointless, it did nothing. Why do you think no one stopped and gathered? Why do you think no one walking by stopped what they were doing anf joined the rally? No one cares. Ok let me re-frase, almost nobody cares, and these days almost nobody wants to be associated with Occuppy Oakland. Those are the facts about Occupy and how people see it, sorry but that's how it is. Here is to hoping you find a better way to enact change, and here is to all of us finding a better way.

Belal Assef: I agree with ryan i mean i have said for a million times nobody especially at chabot gives a crap about the occupy.. There to busy getting an education or with ther own lifes..
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Ryan Belden: ‎Andrew Michael Quirk I agree with what you are saying but a few things. Yesterday they were impeading the rights of other students to get an education and not be interupted or disrupted. And as long as you are associated with Occupy Andrew, you will be a victim. A victim of a group of people that think they are above the law and a group of people that don't want rules, laws, or reprectutions to commintg violent acts, or acts like robbery, or distruction of property. These are people that do not understand things for what they are, and that some how violence will change things. You are a victim now Andrew, don't be a victim. Run as fast as you can from Occupy and get involved in service to really make the change that needs to be made.

Belal Assef: i mean at the end of the day the government well still be the same..
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Vanessa Suzann Sadsad: Let me extend my earlier response: Not following campus procedure that protects the institution as a whole is bad. While a violation of ones 1st Amendment right and prejudice to do so is unjust as well as discrimination.

Let there be recognition for both and a physical occupy at Chabot for intent and NOT revenge.

I do not agree with A LOT of policy and procedure, yet, it is my own recognition that this is life and the status quo. I am still very much learning that it takes time ...and progressive change is just that ..Progressive. ---- shouting obscenities from the top of your lungs to justify a right is moot and hypocritical on the imposition of another's own rights. Yes, Chabot like that of the state and the world are cracked systems and institutions yet it is upon the individual to do that ...rise above. you play poker spy games. not suicide bombing. i've learned that you either play the game or get played.

Ryan Belden: ‎Belal Assef, right, however it isn't just at Chabot. People in genreal don't care and don't like the movement. I can prove it, the day a few months ago Occupy marched and shut down the Oakland docs, thousands of workers at the docks begged them not to do it because that would negitavly effect 73,000 jobs. They did it anyway, hurt the economy, hurt the very people they are suppsoe the be standung up for, and lost all ligitamacy. Then they decided to occupy retailers on black friday, yeah because that will hurt the corporations, it ended up hurting the average retail associate, the very people occupy are suppose to be defending. Lets get real here


I was going to post more but there's no need. Closed minded individuals are very frustrating. Like I said before, stop criticizing those who are doing something. If you don't like it, go do your own action and YOU stop your bitching.