Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Truth About Occupy Oakland - the Tactical Action Committee

When I first came out to an Occupy Oakland event it was the November 2nd General Strike. I mean, as a Oakland resident, how could I not join and go check out this historical event? So I went and spent over 9 hours hanging out and chilling with some friends of mine. I had promised to go watch my little cousin later in the evening so I went home. 15 minutes later, I'm home and watching OakFoSho's Ustream and I see the Oakland Police Department teargassing, shooting rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd. There were librarians and teachers, students and Grandmothers. There were disabled individuals and CHILDREN in the crowd. I was appalled at the response of the PUBLIC SERVANTS and how they violently subjected protesters to this type of oppression.

Now I know that some people don't agree with the tactics of "Occupy" but people need to realize that they are a part of Occupy without doing anything. Your bank account and your financial position within current society dictates if you are an Occupier or not. Basically if you can't survive for a while without going to work. If you have to cut back and can't afford to purchase a lobbyist or have a political candidate do exactly what you want them to do based on persuasion through massive donations, then you are a 99%er, you are Occupy. Unfortunately too many people don't understand this fact and so there is a lot of criticism which makes the job of the mainstream media easy because of the misrepresentation that is easily accepted. We as a society have to stop being so well adjusted to the blatant injustice in our societies.

Anyway... about the Occupy Oakland Tactical action committee.. these are some individuals, some who have been singled out, who are in my opinion more the active face of the Occupy Oakland movement. Don't get me wrong, the general assembly is definitely the most "political" aspect of Occupy as an organized movement as a whole. However, there is a lot of bickering and decision making that happens at GA that most people aren't willing to put their bodies on the line and enforce the things that they have decided. Not to mention that most nights it is hard to meet quorum. I will admit that there are several times that I have been at the GA but been participating in other discussions with some people who are more willing to actually engage in action. The problem is that there is not a merging of the two. People who are holding down space at a foreclosed home or at an encampment can't exactly get a laptop to email in a proposal, or wait every night to see when their proposal will come up in the queue. It's not exactly the most efficient process. So the thing that most don't understand is that all that happens is that someone has an idea, and if the community supports it then they come out. It's unfortunate that the people who keep coming out in significant numbers are being ignored. Occupy Oakland Tactical Action Committee (TAC) is one that fits into this unfortunate position but still pushes on.

The Tactical Action Committee is one that continuously keeps up with their ideas and decides to stick with them regardless of the opposition in the way. I for one respect their resilience and their ability to stay strong and vigilant in the face of state oppression. Prior to covering the story of this committee of Occupy Oakland, I have seen the ugly face of oppression to the point that I now experience the oppression that I have discussed in theory and by affiliation but never really first hand until now. On Wednesday Jan 4, 2012 there was a General Assembly and a friend of mine as well as some members of TAC and some other Occupiers were having a conversation about the class structure of America and how it was organically created during the colonization period and brainstorming on ways that the economy and government could be better. In the middle of this conversation we were rushed by 17 police cruisers and more officers in riot gear than I could count. Now the immediate response was to run but we had no clue where to go as we were in a public park and had no idea where was safe and where wasn't. I probably should have wen't home, but I was curious because I had kept hearing about the violence and so now I had an opportunity to really see for myself. My friend Nneka decided to stay and help me film what was happening. When we went back filming, we were aggressively escorted to the curb by officers being told that we needed to go over here or else they would arrest me. Nneka listened and stayed on the corner of 14th & Broadway while I walked to the bart station entrance to try and get a better view of what was happening. Just then, Nneka was arrested for obstruction of justice. For standing in the same spot some officers had just escorted her to. Later she was charged with maliciously obstructing a walkway. What kind of crap is that? How is that even possible?

TAC decided that they wanted to have a march in theory for the police response. It's obviously been systematic, they have been targeted because they serve as a motivational force and the people most willing to stand up in protest for what they believe in. That is a very bold powerful statement to the people who have been protesting and believe in the message against capitalism and state oppression. It would benefit the police who are now protecting others outside the community and making money off of the community to silence the voices that will not back down to the school yard intimidation tactics of throwing water on people from the upstairs of the police building to beating women off of their bikes while riding by holding up a peace sign. People have a right to protest without being subjected to oppression by the police especially in public places. TAC makes you ask some interesting questions while looking at their work. Like why is it that as an adult I have a curfew in a city park? Why can't I carry on this conversation or stay and finish playing chess or meditating or whatever? Why is it that the city can't find the money to keep the schools open (never mind the quality of them) but it can find $450,000 or more to focus on silencing the voices in the community that want to feed the homeless and rectify the things gone wrong in our society?

I'm not saying that there are not other side groups that are trying to go out into the community and do outreach work with an Occupy focus, but TAC is the committee that I believe is continuing the against the system, stand up for your rights, power to the people, fight oppression non conformist spirit that Occupy is built on. It's unfortunate, but only makes sense that a motivational group such as this is targeted by the very oppressive force that they are fighting against. That's why the criticism of the Fuck the Police day marches need to stop being criticized. I do think if you're willing to throw a bottle at the police, you should be willing to accept the consequences. However, I understand that is part of the tactic to hide in the crowd, and that people who believe in the cause will still back up those who are mad enough to damage some property or harmlessly throw a glow stick at the Kevlar of a "peace" officers riot gear. Whatever the case is, the over militant excessive force that is being used in the targeting of a group who just wants to help the community is once again absurd.

There is not much to say about this group that people don't already know. The thing that I like to focus on is that they are not perfect much like all of us. The difference is that they are constantly willing to push forward, always willing to make a plan and enforce it to help the community members that have been disenfranchised for far too long. At that point how can you really judge their actions if you have not inserted your opinion and offered your help? Much of the frustration that is now seen is from a lot of criticism from those who benefit from the struggle, but don't want to participate and constantly criticize those who sustain the movement.


  1. Bella,

    I agree with your general assessment of TAC, they are action focused and do bring an edge to our movement. My beef is not with the TAC, it was with whoever threw the bottle. I was there night, throwing the bottle was fucked up in my opinion, not because of any potential property damage, but because that one act put us all in danger, especially the people in the front facing the police. The OPD already freely tramples on our first amendment rights, last thing we need is to provide them with a context to bash our comrades heads.
    I don't however blame the TAC for the bottle.

  2. I'm trying to parse what's being said here. What I've gotten is:

    There's one grouping of #OO that's more "active" and "efficient" than the other groupings or the larger movement. The other groups doing such things as working in affected communities are "side groups."

    What's not clear to me from reading this is when and where the TAC has democratic consent from the GA, vs. when and where the TAC decides to put a larger political affinity group on the spot to "back up those who are mad enough." Perhaps Bella would clarify that.

    I'm also unclear of what is meant by the sentence, "That's why the criticism of the Fuck the Police day marches need to stop being criticized."

    Thank you.

  3. White people want control. What they can't control, they criticize, especially from the safety of chat rooms and forums.
    The face of TAC is overwhelmingly young, black and male. That makes many people uncomfortable for many reasons. You will not have "oversight" on everything or everybody. Indoor Activists can do more good by showing up on Saturday night with bubbles and piece signs, instead of staying home bitching about the use of "Fuck the Police".
    Thank you for your story, Bella.

  4. @4:15 - Please prove that the TAC is "overwhelmingly young, black and male" by confirming their active, on-the-ground presence at the events in question.
    What I saw on the "bottle-throwing" night seemed to be largely a result of young white males anxious to do little more than act out some elite-serving performance art symbolic of them crawling back into their mothers' vaginas.
    However, if you have data showing otherwise I'd be happy to take back what I've said.

  5. response to anonymous regarding GA consent -- autonomous actions without GA approval like those initiated by the TAC are consistent with the OO resolution encouraging autonomous actions ( http://occupyoakland.org/2011/11/general-assembly-resolutions/ )

    "-Encouragement of Autonomous Actions
    In order to keep the General Assembly from being bogged down with discussion regarding each action, and in order to allow for diversity of tactics, the General Assembly allows the announcement of any autonomous action rather than requiring a proposal to be brought forth to be voted on."

  6. Thanks, @4:44. Follow-up question: Were the scheduled events that some criticized strictly autonomous to TAC, or did other parts of OO join in the demonstration?

    Also, did the vast majority present know what seems clear here to Bella, that it's "part of the tactic to hide in the crowd, and that people who believe in the cause will still back up those who are mad enough to damage some property?"

  7. @5:11

    Most of the people there are not part of the TAC, word spread through social media and word of mouth. I would guess that 90% of people there were are not part of TAC.

    A lot of folks showed up because there is a lot of anger and resentment towards the OPD due to their abuse of OO over the past couple weeks.

    I can't speak for others, but I was not aware of any "hide in crowd tactic and throw shit" tactic being planned, and I personally don't like it.

  8. @3:20 I agree that if you throw a bottle you should stand there, however when I think about it, strategically there simply can't be a crowd of bottle throwers or they will all get teargassed and beat with batons. It is a rational tactic for a safety buffer. I'm not saying that's what was planned, as I have spoken directly with the official committee registered with Occupy Oakland and they have confirmed that fact. However, you cannot control every individual and with the very language in the name of the FTP march there are bound to be "a few" individuals who are going to do things. However, another interesting thing that was said is that they will also do their best to stop that type of action. They realize the seriousness of keeping their fellow community members/protesters as safe as possible. Just know that the police did not have to mobilize in such force. We could have marched on a locked building and had a little dance party and then went back to the plaza in celebration. Instead we were met by hundreds of police dressed in riot gear (minus the shields). I almost expected things to really get bad at 1st, and actually saw a few officers stop another who was obviously obsessed with attacking innocent citizens; but people were still illegally detained and terrified for no reason last night.

  9. @3:25 The part where I say the criticism needs to stop being criticized, I mean that it is to be expected however it should only be constructive, and people should accept that it might not be adopted. Some of the people there that night were not the same ones who have been victimized by the unjust raids. There is a very legitimate reason for them wanting to have the march, and there will be more who come. Hopefully the organization of the march can be set up to avoid a repeat of the last as far as the attack on innocent people like Josh, Leila and Mike.

    About the affinity groups, I don't think TAC can or should be held responsible for the actions of a few people and that people should have expected for someone to want to throw something. Maybe that's a hasty assumption on my part, but with the march happening on "Fuck the Police Day" with a FTP march, how could you think some people didn't come with the intention of throwing something KNOWING that there was a crowd of innocent people standing around as a buffer (maybe even without knowing it but nevertheless) in between those throwing videos and those who don't.

    @3:20 if you were there that night hopefully I've met you before :) that would actually be pretty cool

  10. @4:15 Thank you! I love knowing that people are actually reading my blogs! I invite comments and more dialogue on all of my posts. Getting the word out and getting the dialogue started is what it's all about!

  11. Hi Bella!!! thanks for this article, & of course always keeping your cool / actively educating. also we love your livestream broadcasts & can't wait to see what you say at city council on J17...I was watching you live on Oak's ustream on D20 and your city council speech was sooo soo on point--the video you put on youtube doesn't do it justice b/c each time you schooled them everyone was cheering & you can't hear it!
    best wishes!

  12. @this girl right here I have the other one on OakFoShos stream but when they cheer, you can't hear me speaking and the stream cut a part of the speech I would like to preserve it. Thank you though for your kind comments and for reading the blog!

  13. Bella re affinity groups -

    Got it. I now know that if there is a TAC event I "should expect for someone to want to throw something." Absent further clarification I now understand this to be true whether or not I will be able to distinguish it as a TAC-only event, an event co-organized by TAC and other groups, or an event organized by an entirely separate group which TAC shows up at.

    In addition, if the police beat the shit out of me for someone throwing a bottle from behind, I now understand from you it is in fact my fault for the police beating the shit out of me, as I "should have expected" it.

  14. That's what I thought.

  15. @12:01 & 4:28 I'm assuming you're the same person. I think it's unfair to generalize in that way about TAC events. I don't know who you are, but there have been several events sponsored by TAC that have not been dangerous, and for the most part this is not their fault. For example on Thursday TAC had a BBQ at Mosswood park in Oakland and then took food down to the plaza for people to eat. The whole point of the BBQ was to let people come eat and socialize without the fear of excessive police presence and force thus creating an environment to decompress in.

    What I am saying, and I'd appreciate it if you take what I'm saying for what it is and nothing more, is that the LANGUAGE of FUCK THE POLICE is going to attract people that are going to throw things and want to literally fight against the police. Not what I want, not what I got from TAC when asking them what they wanted. Blaming the group for the actions of others is just wrong. Don't blame them.

    Secondarily, the reason it was put out for everyone to wear black is because it increases the anonymity of individuals at the march. That makes it more difficult for the police to see who threw the bottle (or whatever is done) because everyone is in black and covering their faces. So yes, I expected it. Don't be mad because at my deductive reasoning. I ALWAYS expect there to be "elements" in the crowd... I'm not even going to go into how I dislike that word, but the point is it's Fuck The Police, not hug the police, not feed the police, fuck them. So yes, I expect people to come out and do things, and I think if they are able to feel as if their identity is protected then they might do some things. Some people don't care about the police seeing them.

  16. Either way, TAC as a group especially one that is viewed as overwhelmingly young, black and male (even though I know White and Hispanic members of TAC that seem to get no attention) can only do so much to control people. It's unfair to think that as a very young group of people who is dedicated and passionate and willing to be on the front line can always guide everyone. They are doing their bets, but it's a communal effort, at the last FTP members of TAC were in jail or not even able to come because they were recovering from things that had happened as a result of their last arrest, so it would be impossible for them to have a hold over a march that was still held regardless of the fact that organizers of the event were incarcerated and/or sick.

    I understand if you are angry because you were out there. As a citizen journalist, I wasn't thrilled either to be one of the people standing closest to the police filming when things were thrown. Especially when I almost got hit by some projectiles, but I'm not blaming a group of early-twenty aged individuals who for the most part had no more control over others there than I did.

    So yes, at FTP I think people should be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. I'm not totally convinced that there is anything you could do to guarantee that people will not attack the police. I don't feel like I should partake in that type of action, but I'm more angry after the last FTP than I am this week and I expect others who show to feel the same. I don't know about you, but I will be there this evening and am curious as to what's going to happen and am worried that I may be hurt. However, if that happens it just further documents the problem of the militarization of our police department and gives me another chance to fight this bullshit on another level. SO although I don't want it to happen it is a intiricate part of the movement and I am willing to fight for my rights in the face of violent opposition. Are you?

  17. Bella, you are so cool. You seem to have the ability to answer calmly and thoughtfully even the most blatant intentionally ignorant trolls. I envy your poise.
    -Your Fan Club

  18. Awwwww... thank you 11;31! I don't know who you are, but I appreciate it :)


  20. While I have a deep place in my heart for Occupy more so than any other occupation across the country, and understand the very legitimate frustrations with the shoddy law enforcement, I can’t support the campaign ‘Fuck the Police’. Watching the violence and lawlessness by authorities in Egypt, Bahrain and Syria puts in perspective struggles we have with authorities in America. Though Oakland has argueably one of the worst systemic failures in law enforcement it’s not worthy of disregarding the core belief that 99% cannot be divided in any way.
    The government and corporations loves to see us in the street fighting each other talking about the police instead of what allows this environment to exist. Though the Oakland police are not our friends nor deserve our respect we still need to pull the system out by the root. A street level cop is as much a victim of this system as we are. That cop doesn’t have the privilege of directing their frustrations in the right place. Street level cops also don’t have the luxury of giving up their job in favor of a young cause that hasn’t proven that we are capable of making tangible systemic change.
    With that said I believe in the original black panther movement. I believe in Malcolm X, Fred Hampton Sr. and Tupac and the rhetoric that they spoke, but we need to destroy and rebuild a system not individuals. I understand it’s a community issue but it goes through the mayor and the governor in my perspective. This rhetoric only breeds animosity with the officers and the people that they work to take care of. The general statement “Fuck the Police” does not educate the people that may or may not be in solidarity about what the true problems are. “Fuck the Police” is not a solution. However, if they put hands on you it’s as a person you are entitled to defend yourself. In my opinion the antagonistic rhetoric is unproductive.

  21. I think the Occupiers of Oakland have a real serious problem with the OPD. A fact based historic problem with brutal cops who do not care about justice in any real sense of the word. People in West Oakland don't even call the cops because they are AFRAID of them even when they need them. This is because of pig terrorism & pigs punishing the very victims & their families that just want to live a normal life.

    So, I understand the need to confront the actors in the violence against the community. City Hall will not do it; I think they encourage violence out of fear of their own, justifiably angry citizens.

    Oscar Grant, the Rider pigs on and on it goes....there is no law enforcement in Oakland instead there is terrorism committed against the citizens by the police & the biz community that sucks up to City Hall. It is all connected.

    It is better that the pigs are scared than secure & bold in their brutality. I too support the FTP marches & I hope that everyone stays safe tonight.

    Good Luck Black Bloc. May the the altruistic human beings win.

    I really am disappointed with the progressive community that has abandoned the vigil. It is as if they are so afraid of DOT that they won't assert their rights to protest & ask for redress of their grievances.

    Over the years, and from experience protesting, I've come to the conclusion that NV protest is only helping the 1%. Scripted protests with permits & arrest plans that tell the cops how many want to be arrested only help the status quo.

  22. On the TAC- I feel the exact same way as you do, Bella.

    The TAC is a bunch of kids playing at fighting the man. It's not that they're not serious so much as the fact that they're very new to this. We all are. Your first day of actively fighting the system from outside of it was November 2nd. Mine was September 17th. Before Occupy, we never had support for the ideas we've been carrying around for our entire lives. TAC does silly things like trashtalking police officers who walk through OGP, but they also do amazing things like giving away healthy food outside of Burger King. They're baby anarchists out to strangle capitalism, and they're really going for it. They have the energy and youthfulness required to go out and get shit done. Their methods and actions are often controversial or downright thoughtless, but they're TRYING. Hanging around their loud mouths will make you an instant police target, but I'd rather go to jail for standing with them than stay free 'cause I didn't stand for anything.

    The Fuck the Police marches are begging for trouble, which is one reason for why I'll be out there tonight. We'll probably need as many medics and nonviolent activists as possible. But instead of trying to bring down the TAC for this, why not question OPD? This is a direct response to THEIR treatment of Occupy, arresting dozens of our people over just one week of activity. They arrested Chris 2-3 times, didn't they? They also kidnapped Julian and Joe and beat down Leila at the last FTP march. TAC is definitely misguided at times, but OPD's behavior is systemic evil. No one got paid to throw bottles, but OPD officers are making good money to beat, shoot and arrest you when it happens. Fight the system, not the response from a couple of college-age kids who are just learning how to do it themselves.

  23. there needs to be a sense of balance - wisdom and experience from older citizens and activists balanced with the vigor and spirit of youth.

    the TAC is young, inexperienced, yet brimming with ideas. that's fabulous but there needs to be actual TACTICAL planning involved that is going to lead toward some sort of end result or purpose. standing in the streets and agitating for the sake of agitating is foolish, in my opinion. if you are going to stand there and agitate, have a cause or a principled reason. that's the reason why i will not participate in this activity, nor will hold my tongue and stay silent because people want to talk about a diversity of tactics. i think it is important to have many tactics in approaching a problem BUT doing things to be spiteful, blindly rebellious, or just random gets you nowhere.

    as for you bella, i appreciate the reporting you have been doing but you know what? i think you are romanticizing this a bit too much and you need to get a little more real. you're young yourself and while i appreciate your enthusiasm, you really need to watch how far you go with this. you claim to be a citizen journalist but you're in the thick of a lot of these goings on. there is a point upon which a person ceases being an observer and becomes swept into all of the goings on. if you are ready to put everything on the line for this, i say go for it...just be aware that this is what you are doing. i say this with respect but i gotta be real about it too.


    1. Hello Yvonne and thank you for your comments. I would first like to start off by saying I agree that there needs to be a balance. However, to assume that one is not already being worked on may be hasty. There are older citizens and activists constantly meeting with and showing support to TAC, maybe it is your individual opinion that should be given to TAC so that it can be considered. Secondarily, I would like to address the part of agitation without a cause, and say that I am truly sorry that you feel that way. However, after being arrested multiple times, being beaten and jailed for things like riding a bike and feeding the homeless makes this has a cause. The people who are out there I'm sure would respectfully disagree with this perspective that the march has no cause. Aside from awareness and unity in the community for those who are tired of the same police repression that is being met during political protest, FTP gives people a chance to express their frustrations and shine light on many of the problems that the citizens face when dealing with the police department. Next, I would like to say that it is the morning after the FTP march and this one was nonviolent and successful. A funny game of cat and mouse as we watched the police follow us around wasting tax dollars in manpower and gas. Property was not destroyed, people were not hurt and nothing was thrown. So I'm sorry that you don't see the marches as productive, but that's the beauty of Occupy and autonomous actions. You don't have to participate in this march. You can find another one, or start one of your own if you are so inclined. However, hundreds support FTP and more are coming so.. looks like it's here to stay while building evidence for the massive civil suits to come.

      As far as me romanticizing this, to say that I am presenting this in an unrealistic fashion is both offensive and not true. I don't know who you are, but what you get from me is my opinion and much more of the truth than any mainstream media coverage on the movement. I claim to be a citizen journalist because I am, but realize the order of the words. I am a CITIZEN journalist, I already supported the movement, and saw the blatant injustices that people are faced with. I started reporting to cover that, so there goes the bias that you will hear/see on my blog and videos, media in the pursuit of justice not ratings. However to say that I am romanticizing makes me wonder if you are even out there seeing what's happening, or are you judging people from behind your computer screen? Of course I'm in the thick of things because channel 2 4 and 7 all leave or wait to get 20 second sound bytes to fit their own story. I want to not get hurt, i want to document and I want the movement to be sustainable and successful. What exactly do you mean I need to get a little more real and I need to watch myself? The condescending language that you have chosen to use makes me question your judgement and how much you romanticize about the fact that your opinion is superior and it's alright to use condescending and offensive language to those who don't agree. Not to mention that of course, if I am fighting for what I believe in I am always willing to stand up for it. Being that it has been proven that I can't listen to the police without being charged for obstruction of justice or have a conversation in a public space, yes I am willing to be there. I am there because I have a right to be and I won't forget that. You would do well to remember the same. That's me being real.

    2. Well damn... lol

  24. hi bella,

    my intent was not to to patronize you nor to put you down in any way. sometimes things are not well communicated in this medium, especially when sensitive issues arise. i did state my opinion bluntly - maybe i could have been more reflective in considering how you might have received it.

    when you called the FTP march #2 a "funny game of cat and mouse," that's a pretty good example of what i meant by saying that you need to get real. what folks go through on the daily in oakland with the cops is not a game. people in occupy are complaining about being charged with misdemeanors for playing "games" with the cops (i.e., asserting their rights of freedom of speech and assembly). i feel that and i get it (somewhat), but it's kind of like a petty fight is being picked on both sides. i'm more concerned about the raheim browns and kenneth hardings getting gunned down on a regular old day, pre-occupy...and by the rate things are going with the amount of heavy surveillance, spies, OPD photo collections, etc, this is not something folks need to toy around with just for the sake of claiming the plaza as turf, or what-have-you. go right ahead and do the marches as you will - I've already stated my personal stance on the matter. just know that there are questions of why it's going on and what it accomplishes.

    to answer your q about whether i am out there in the movement or judging behind a computer screen, yes i am active in occupy/decolonize oakland, and yes i am active in my community regarding these issues. i think what you've contributed is very valuable, as far as using your gift for speech, and being there filming live. i'm just saying...take a step back and fully evaluate what you are doing for your own sake. i'm not saying what you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do as far as these quasi black-bloc style actions go (and i'm not putting any value on what FTP folks do, either).


    1. Hello again Yvonne,

      First I would like to say thank you for responding, and for your apology. It is becoming very obvious to me how communicating online leaves a little too much room for interpretation, and that your comments may have been interpreted in the wrong way by me. For that I apologize.

      On the point of calling it a game, I am inclined to agree with you when you say that you are more concerned with the more serious offenses of the police department, however I have to add that the FTP marches are showing the waste of resources and abusive allocation of funds on behalf of OPD. There are more serious instances in which the police interaction has been unjust and excessive within and without the Occupy movement which is why the marches calling attention to these facts is an imperative part of the movement, albeit not the only important part. This is one of the actions that is going to help fight the system when it makes the police department look like a fool publicly.

      That is however, only 1 tenant of what the march provides. It also gives a time for those who are upset enough to be there and feeling as if they want to come out and exercise their right to say fuck the police. Not only that but it shows that the Occupiers won't be intimidated out of their Constitutionally protected rights. This march is stopping more dramatic actions from coming out because people who have felt as if their voices have been muted now have a platform to express bottled up frustrations (not always in the form of throwing a bottle, maybe they just want to yell and flip off the police feeling protect by the crowd of people who support them and want to possibly do the same thing).

      In response to your involvement, I regret that I don't know who you are off the top of my head and I appreciate your efforts as well. We need as many possible as are willing (and even more after that) to contribute in the ways that they feel comfortable and in the way that their efforts are best applied. That works on a case by case basis. As far as black bloc in relation to Occupy and the FTP marches.... that's good content for another blog :) Hope to see you around the movement!

  25. Saturday's march WAS a funny game of cat and mouse, though. Just because reality is depressing, it doesn't mean that we can't have fun pointing that out. I grew up as a moderately wealthy white girl in the suburbs, and experiencing just a tiny fraction of what life is like for the less privileged in Oakland has been a fucking eye-opener. But the entire concept of a "Fuck the Police" march is ridiculous. The title is incredibly provocative. I've been talking to regular folks about these marches because of that inflammatory name, but they always tend to come around to the idea. We're having fun... because we need it. FTP2 accomplished something that I don't think anyone had planned for- It spotlighted the insane behavior of OPD, made them look inept because they held up traffic without being able to stop us and ended with very little loss, aside from two arrests. Maybe it was intended to agitate, and it accomplished that. But it did so without violence or destruction, which I think is beautiful. It woke people up to the problems that Oakland has been facing for years, even if it was just to criticize.

    As I said before, TAC is a bunch of kids. They need to be more tactical, and they're actively learning how to do it through the process. As Bella said, they're human and imperfect. But they're doing brilliantly, in my opinion. Today's action ALWAYS shows incredible improvement over yesterday's. FTP2 was a gorgeous display of righteous outrage. And when compared to FTP1, it's even more impressive. Class and racial warfare will continue to be waged by the police state. Can you at least get behind the young people who are trying to change that, whether or not you think they're mature enough to handle the responsibilities they've taken on? Even the most beautiful flower needs a little room to bloom.

    1. Dr. Liz (lol that is what I will be calling you from now on!) You're awesome! Thanks chica!

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