Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#OccupyTheFarm - Whole Food Not Whole Foods

#OccupyTheFarm - (City of Albany) Ppl who own the trees r really mad @ the UC 4 cutting the water offbecause of the trees! 510.642-7464 call the UC & get it cut back on!!

See all the hard work of the people trying to farm this land and provide free food to the community? Call the Chancellor with a message to turn the water back on at the research field on Marin & San Pablo in Albany.

Just because this was a land grant to the school doesn't mean that the University of California should ignore the wishes of the community. It doesn't mean that they should take the last grade A soil in the bay are and turn it into a cement parking lot, senior housing & university student housing or a Whole Foods.

This is just a subtle form of gentrification. Students trying to afford Berkeley & the expenses associated with housing aren't going to be able to afford to shop at Whole Foods, similarly neither are seniors living on a fixed income. One thing that could be more beneficial for the community is to farm this land, garner about 40 - 50 thousand pounds of food/year and give that to the community for free.

Quality of life for everyone goes up with free food, but that's not all that happens here at Occupy the Farm. People in the community who want to learn how to farm can come down and participate in various aspects of farming. This may include lessons from how to accurately plant seedlings to compost piles and how to use them instead of fertilizer.

This isn't exactly the type of thing most communities want to disappear. As a matter of fact, many Albany residents have come and expressed their happiness at this action. Talking about the glory of this area in the past and how it was both beautiful and open to the public to enjoy. These same residents were obviously saddened by the fact that the Department of Agriculture building a few blocks away, as well as the land on Marin & San Pablo have become overly "secure" and locked down to the public.

I'm personally interested in how the UC & the City of Albany are going to handle the farm. It's a bit difficult to move in & arrest everyone who is working so diligently towards a truly altruistic goal.

I'm also a interested to see how corporate media will be treated when the enforcement of the trespassing laws happens. The Constitution never stipulated that governement nor law enforcement has the right to decide who is and who is not "media" so will there be selective enforcement of trespassing laws as far as that is concerned as a way to back door the intent of the Constitutional First Amendment?

Whatever happens in the end, I know that this is an undeniably beautiful working camp/farm. People coming together and really being the change they want to see in the world. Even at the risk of possible police violence and arrest; people still farm to provide for the community & have a political protest against the sale & control of life sustaining products (food & water) and the capitalist system that profits off it.


  1. Wow.. Thanks for this..plz keep me posted.. thank you for being there to share this..

  2. We the people of University Village have worked on the plans for UV for years. We don't want your unilateral, undemocratic actions. Go away.