Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Final Comments on #OOMedia - Bottom Line. SO WHAT?!

Ok fine. I see I have to write a response to this #OOMedia shit even if I don't want to.

Here it is. First of all, I don't even care that much. I'm autonomous media and from an outside perspective it just looks like a bunch of people who stopped getting along had a power struggle and this is what came of it. However, let me touch on a couple more points because after this I'm done and don't want to hear anything else about it. I would RATHER FOCUS ON THE POLITICAL PRISONERS THAT NEED TO BE FREED!

1) The media committee was. Legitimized by the consensus process of GA. That means a group of people came together to ask permission to do shit they could be doing on their own anyway.

2) the GA approved the group and they colaborated to build a site. That site is official because it was put together by the legitimized media group.

3) SOME writers came together and wrote an article weak in the facts department and heavy in the pointing fingers at an individual within the movement. That was wrong. With the gravity of this situation and the accusations being INDIRECTLY made, more research should have been put in AND when the facts were FOUND (more than 1 confirmation of this) those facts that were in opposition of the article were denied/rejected/not published and it was pursued anyway.

Now comes the issue of accountability

Should the individuals who signed it be held accountable? Well if that were an option it might have been employed, however, because some wish to remain anonymous we have no clue who that is.

Why are people defending them rather than saying it was wrong? There has still been no apology. Everyone is attacked who think this was childish and foolish by not the individuals who are known to have written and publish it, but others in the media group. This makes me wonder if you are the anonymous ones.

Also, for all the talk of abuse. It constantly seems that the self proclaimed pacifists are the ones constantly waging rhetorical war on those they do not agree with which is both hypocritical and decidedly more dangerous to the sustainability and growth of the movement. This is people breaking up the movement on their own.

With the "transparency" and openness of Occupy, or at least what Occupy is supposed to be there are several infiltrators, undercover agents etc in our midsts. Guess what? You probably don't know who the hell they are! Stop all this constant fear mongering and fighting.

Imagine what we could be accomplishing if we weren't all biting each others heads off over articles on the Internet while vicious lies are printed all the time anyway.


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