Thursday, March 1, 2012

Did the Bill Of Rights Ever Mean Anything?

There is freedom of speech and right in there is freedom of the press. The press are supposed to be able to film and/or be close enough to record the names of individuals when they are arrested. This being said, I am curious about the individuals wearing press badges, who have self identified as press and been recognized as such and have been arrested covering Occupy Oakland protests. Is this legal when the Constitution protects them being close enough to adequately document the events taking place?

Is it only my opinion that the highest law in the land is the Constitution? The reason I ask this question is because the press is supposed to be able to document so why is it that journalists get charged for things like CA penal code 647c (malicious obstruction of a sidewalk) when standing on the sidewalk filming police activity? Not just journalist but being that the freedom of the press is under the First Amendment granting freedom of speech to the citizens, are they not granted those same rights when documenting even if for their own purposes? This article is particularly disturbing Arresting someone for loitering is trivial and doesn't trump the freedoms granted by the First Amendment. So how is it these laws are being enforced and upheld by the judicial system in the form of stay away orders?

For those of you who think these Constitutional violations have only been occurring with the Occupy Movement, know that they have been happening in the past as well in many other places aside from Oakland. In New York a woman was arrested for filming an officer from her home. That article can be read here Something has to be done before even the facade of a democracy and Civil Liberties fades away. Let's stand up as a people and do what needs to be done to save our rights from our government.

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  1. Very well said as usual Bella. Occupy Unity loves the work you do! Thanks!