Thursday, November 10, 2011

Occupy Cal Berkeley Gets some Oakland Treatment From the Police!

Ok so seems like Oakland isn't the only city to exhibit excessive force and promote the newly accepted police brutality as a form of infringing on my INALIENABLE rights! Like really? Beating students on campus with batons?! Way to go!!! You're officially worse than all the police presence at Laney Junior College. Here is real in your face evidence of the criminalizing of students. Here is a school that is pretty famous for it's liberal status and support of on campus political protests, and yet I see students being hit. Totally unacceptable. 

I would like to take the time to mention that I was at Cal from about 12 to 2am and I saw many police officers there. They seemed to be standing around waiting for orders, and while some looked bored and ready to go home others looked anxious. I wonder how many of them had to report for work but they really support the occupations on their own time. Anyway... I say this to let whomever is reading my blog that the police are people too and just as much as the entire movement can't be held responsible for the actions of a few people, neither can the police be generalized as enemies of the movement. Many of them are 1 budget cut away from being on the other side of the line. Many of them have to take orders and execute them accordingly for fear of not being able to keep their jobs or maintain their lives and families. Now that I have given my rationalized perspective on the police. Let's turn our focus back on what NOT to do to peaceful protesters in AMERICA! 

The people should recognize their strength at this point and time. Every attack on our encampments and events simply brings in more support. This is why even in the face of police brutality we must stand strong. We see footage on youtube and ustream that is eerily uncanny with the 1960's and the Civil Rights movements. This cannot be acceptable in this day in age. If we as a country wanted Git Mo shut down, surely we will not continue to endure our own government to victimize us when we pay their salaries and gave them their positions. We as a people need to come together and show the "officials" that they have officially overstepped their boundaries with actions like the one above. 

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