Friday, November 11, 2011

Occupy Oakland - General Assembly 11/11/11

Alrighty so on there is live coverage. Please forgive me because I got a couple texts and phone calls so it's in clips but I have majority of the meeting filmed. Now my little phone doesn't have night vision so I wasn't able to see much with my little flashlight. I did try to film all of the meeting up until the end. I did hand over the phone so that I could call into a radio station that I NEVER got to speak on because I was on hold for too long.

As a brief overview of the meeting there were a few proposals, one to present a new type of software for the election process. Some people had a problem with this because it means that the movement legitimizes the current government and that does not seem to be what the people want. This response served as a reminder that the power is in the hands of the people, not the current corrupt governmental system that we are working with (or under actually). This proposal was tabled.

Another resolution was to have a solidarity march with the unions on November 19th I believe. There is major support from several unions so needless to say this proposal passed. It is interesting that I remember this one woman who said we should march in wealthy neighborhoods so that we can let the public and the wealthy know that they are not only residences but also work places for some of the 99%. This comment also received a lot of verbal support from the crowd so I wouldn't be surprised to see if there is a resolution for this idea soon.

The finance committee also came and provided some copies of a proposal that passed. I'm sorry I was on the phone so I can't tell you all the specifics. I do know that the resolution included something about transparency of all financial donations to guard against fraud. I skimmed over some of someones copy and saw something about needing to submit certain paperwork to request money. I also saw something about asking permission to have some money as petty cash. I remember someone yelling about the money being in Wells Fargo, but remember that I was on the phone and cannot tell you what the response was. I do think I caught it on film so I suggest clicking on the above link or keeping an eye on the Occupy Oakland website to see if there is live footage from tonights GA.

So, I'm incredibly tired and I'm not going to watch my entire video tonight so that I can recap and I probably won't tomorrow because I will be at the March in Solidarity with Egypt. I will be updating my blog as soon as possible though, but please forgive me as I am trying to keep up with an ever growing movement as much as I can =)

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