Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Movement will not be ADEQUATELY Televised!

So, although I give credit to the major media stations that did report some positive things about the march on the port, I can't help but realize how few of those news reports were seen, and how late they came. It almost seemed like they waited to see exactly how much footage came out amongst the people before they finally told the story.

I think this is interesting, because the days of watching music videos and movies instead of being actively involved in our political process are about to be over. The 99% movement is doing it's part to make sure that the corruption inside American politics will come to an end, and with that the corporate influence that continually oppresses the needs of the people for profit. To me, this is an amazing thing because I've been saying that we as an American people need to be a more responsible citizenry and stop letting these overly oppressive forces to decide everything for us, every day of our lives.

Following the thought that sitting around and being a finger pointer is not going to do anything, people need to come see what the Occupy movement is. Attend one of the general assemblies and have your opinion heard as well. Come see how your vote will count when you give it. Come down and see your power as a part of the 99%. We do not have to live in a world where the politicians that we voted for do not do the job we asked of them and get rich for not doing it. Imagine a world where you are really represented, each and every one of you; and the politicians we vote for actually DO the things they promised they would do. This is one of the many possibilities that can come from this movement. However, in order to do this right everyone is needed. Even if you don't agree with everything that is going on, you are a part of the 99% and thus your opinion matters, and you are welcomed!

Keep in mind that although we may disagree, this is a safe space. There is no violence accepted. There may be some instances where people don't get along but violence is not tolerated and the people in the movement (although they are not the "peace police") will come and attempt to stop what's happening. So please don't listen to the major media networks when they are appeasing their corporate sponsors by making the entire movement be irrational and violent. Check out the live feeds on Ustream: this way you can see live uninterrupted coverage that is not edited and make out a truth for yourselves. Most of the people that are there are normal people like you and me who have managed to put most of their differences aside and work towards a common goal. Most are very upset by the "black bloc" who seem to be a faction within the movement who sabotage the positive, non-violent message the movement is trying to pass on. Some in fact want to make citizens arrests when there are people who do destroy property and/or get violent.

The bottom line is, there is no possible way to really see it all and take it all in unless you participate. Not everyone is in Oakland or in California, but I know that there is a movement in a city near everyone and so this can be a learning experience to some, but a growing and changing experience for many. Go see for yourself.

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