Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What are the Oakland Police Department thinking?

As I'm winding down for the night watching a speech on youtube, my mind drifted to Albany NY and how their police department defied the orders of the governor and the mayor. This is really mind boggling, not because the police defied orders but because the OPD did not. I'm sitting here wondering why the OPD would issue out a letter expressing frustration and saying that they are confused by mayor quan, then turn around and still enforce violent orders on peaceful protesters.

I know some of you are thinking about the scenes with the fire and the graffiti, however that is a misconstrued media portrayal of what's actually happening. The violence and destruction is not a part of the movement, as a matter of fact I have video streams of some of the facilitators explaining that the things that were burnt were meant to provide services to the encampment. The day after the teargassing many of the individuals participating with the movement were trying to clean the graffiti off of the walls, and were sending out messages to the OPD for (anti-graffiti) supplies to help them complete the task.

This brings me back to questioning the very execution of the orders from mayor quan. Not only that but also the excessive force that was used in the process, and the lack of oversight. I have to wonder who really does the policing in this state? Maybe even this country, or world? Law enforcement or the city officials?If we have a corrupt government and the police protect them, who protects us? If the Albany NY police can refuse to execute orders; if they can support the movement and NOT encroach on peoples constitutional rights, then what on earth is going on at the OPD? I'm just sayin...

Just a few random thoughts concerning the movement. Thought I'd share.

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